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The thirteenth international conference of the International Society for the Intercommunication of New Ideas (ISINI)

The thirteenth international conference of the International Society for the Intercommunication of New Ideas (ISINI) will take place at the WSB University in Wroclaw, Poland  29-30 August 2018. You are invited to submit full papers or summaries that are within the scope of ISINI.

The purpose of the Society is: to foster the discovery and dissemination of new ideas, in particular in economics and other social sciences, to test these ideas and to study the application to problems of the real world. The Society aspires to realize its purpose by creating and upholding an environment where economists meet, consult and cooperate with scholars from other disciplines.

The major instrument of ISINI has until now been its conference. So next to the usual economists, we hope to welcome scholars in Wroclaw who are working in other social sciences (including law, legal science, history and political science), who are cooperating with economists in common research projects or who are doing research in areas where both sides could benefit from an exchange of ideas.

The organizers invite scholars, young and old,  to submit papers around  six thematic focal points:

  1. Climate change regulation 2.0. Making the Paris agreement work (call for papers)
  2. The university as an arena of sustainability transition (call for papers)
  3. Global collapse. There is no alternative(TINA) and the development of a “post- truth safe space?” (call for papers)
  4. Markets, Money and Democracy (research that bridges the conventional dividing lines) (Page)
  5. Transdisciplinarity.(Page),
  6. Special CEVI session on “Energy and Valuation Issues”.

The objective of the CEVI session is to bring together academics and practitioners from all over the world to focus on timely energy finance and investments, financial performance, energy markets and valuation issues in the energy sector worldwide. Specific topics refer to energy issues, and include: Financial Regulation; Financial Markets; Financial Risks; Asset Pricing; Value at Risk; Capital Structure; Sourcing Capital; Corporate (Re-) Structuring; Corporate Governance; Behavioural Finance; Financial Performance; Cost Control; Financial Accounting; Fiscal and Legal Issues.

Please submit your papers (completed or nearly completed) or participation interest via e-mail to:    Dr. Wim Westerman (w.westerman@rug.nl) and Dr. Johan van Ophem (johan.vanophem@wur.nl).

Selected papers may be submitted to:

All sessions:

Central European Review of Economics and Management (www.cerem-review.eu).

Central and Eastern European Journal of Management and Economics (www.ceejme.eu).

Session on "Climate change regulation 2.0" - International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journal/ijccsm). 

Session on "The university as an arena of sustainability transition" - The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journal/ijshe),

CEVI session -  a CEVI book at Springer Verlag, the Energy and Value Letter (http://centerforenergyandvalue.org/publications.html)

The submission deadline is March 1, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be made shortly hereafter.

Selected papers may be submitted for possible publication in a CEVI book at Springer Verlag, the Energy and Value Letter (http://centerforenergyandvalue.org/publications.html).

Opłata: 700

Początek konferencji: 2018-08-28
Koniec konferencji: 2018-08-30
dodaj konferencję do: wykop.pl
Lokalizacja konferencji :

Jeszcze nie została określona. Zapytaj organizatora bezpośrednio lub poczekaj na uzupełnienie tej informacji.

Organizator konferencji:

WSB University in Wroclaw
ul. Fabryczna 29-31
53-609  Wroclaw
woj. Dolnośląskie

Telefon: +48713762372